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Beginning my Pilot journey

Hello y’all!
I’m starting out my research for training and becoming a pilot. I was wondering what the best route was for paying for my student loans. Thanks!


Here’s a few good links regarding financing and taking out loans. The ATP financing department is also a good resource, if you want to give them a call. Financing Your Training Program With ATP and Financing Questions

In regards to paying them down, most ATP “successful” graduates go on to work as a CFI (certificated flight instructor) for ATP. The pay structure is listed at this link. Being a CFI is a good way to begin a solid income stream (but isn’t the only way) until you reach 1500 hours to apply to a regional airline.
Sallie Mae also has a good loan deferment system as you will not be making money, most likely, while you are in training.

The FAQ section also provides a lot of great answers written by the mentor pilots on this forum, for your further research.