Beginning stages of career change at 25

Hey everybody, I’m 25 and in a career that I’m no longer enjoying. I’ve always been fascinated with aviation which all started the first time I ever flew on a plane. One of the pilots had walked over to my family and gave me a “set of wings” and I thought it was the coolest thing ever at the time. I’m starting to consider all the logistics of quitting my job and enrolling. Luckily I have an amazing and supportive wife which definitely makes it easier. I live in New Hampshire and moving isn’t really an option for us so I’m looking at attending the ATP Boston location in Norwood, MA. I haven’t been able to find a whole lot of info as far as reviews from other people who have either graduated from that location or are currently at that location. So if anyone on here has been to that location any insight would be much appreciated!


Forum participation varies from time to time. When people are actually in the program they’re often to busy to check in and once they’re done some do and some don’t. Long short a current or former BOS student may or may not chime in.

What’s most important to note is ATP works very hard to ensure each of its locations are delivering the same level of instruction and has the same resources available to all their students. ATP has over 60 locations nationwide and has been training pilots for the airlines for over 35yrs. The other caveat is even if you come across a former or current student who had a particularly great experience with an instructor, there’s a very good chance that instructor will be gone by the time you get there as movement is fairly rapid.

With that in mind I encourage you to do your research more as it pertains to the program overall. It’s safe to assume whatever you read, regardless of location, will hold true throughout the network. Feel free to ask any and all questions should they come up.


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Welcome to the forums, like Adam said it is voluntary and there is no guarantee someone from the OWD location is presently active. What we can provide you is that ATP has a standardized program throughout its 60+ locations and been in busy for 35+ years. They also own their fleet outright, so that should say something about the success of the company and programs. No matter where you train all instructors are brought in for an indoctrination flight; basically a standardized check. We are human, we’re not perfect so we will make mistakes, we are always learning just like you.

The best piece of advice if you’re looking for firsthand experience is to visit the training center and schedule an introductory flight at that location…meet and greet some of the instructors and students. Getting a feel for the environment will give you the best outlook for your success. Once you confirm your start date with ATP you are provided all the materials at your fingertips and have every resource available.



Thank you for the response. In the research I’ve done so far, a common piece of advice I’ve been seeing is to try to go into the program with as many of the writtens out of the way as possible. Correct me if I’m wrong but from what I’ve been seeing it looks like you need an endorsement to be able to sit for some of those exams. How do you get an endorsement if you haven’t yet started?


I feel like the idea of doing the writtens beforehand has come across more strongly than we intended it to. If you have a waiting period before your start date, then yes, you should complete as many written exams as possible. I would in no way at all delay a start date for the purpose of working on the written exams. Remember that seniority is everything in the airlines, it is important to be airline eligible as quickly and efficiently as possible. But by all means, when you do select a start date use whatever time you have to work on the written exams.

Once you have placed a deposit down, ATP will be able to provide you with the necessary sign offs. Generally this is done by providing them with the results of a few practice exams.



Great question. All of the study programs and guides available (Kings, Sheppard, Gleim, etc) offer endorsements with the proof of successful practice exams. You simply email them the tests and they’ll sign you off. If you choose to go with ATP recommendations, which you should, ATP instructors can give you the endorsement. See here:


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Thanks Chris and Adam for the feedback. Much appreciated! Just gotta get all my financing squared away and then hopefully pick a class date!

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Hey Jason
I went through the program and am currently an instructor at ATP in Norwood. Feel free to ask any and all questions that you have.

Vincent Nelson

How was it going through as a student? Was there any issue with scheduling as far as instructors or airplane availability? How is it instructing there? Was it easy to get placed as an instructor at the same location you trained at?

When I went through as a student I had a great experience. The airport and the surrounding area can get busy, but aren’t too overwhelming. The practice area is not too far away and there are many other airports to head to.

As a student, I had no issue with scheduling or plane availability. As of right now, we have 10 students and 2 instructors. We have 2 archers and 1 seminole at the training center, with one simulator.

Instructing at the same location was luck. After finishing the program, I waited about 3-4 months for the first available training center, which it happened to be the one I trained at. With the pandemic slowing hiring, I did not wait long compared to others. It is nice, as I have good knowledge of nearby airports and procedures for the area.