Being a future Commercial Pilot

Hello! Im currently a high school student (Year 10).Im 16 and aviation has been a passion for as long as i can remember. Currently im really confused as to where i should move to where i can finish uni and as well as start flying after gaining a student pilot license. Pls advice on where should i be moving and as to what steps should i take. Currently i am living in Bangladesh as a foreigner.


I don’t know how much help we can be. This forum is run by US based pilots.
If you want to do your training and instruct in the US you will need to be
a permanent resident or US citizen. If you’re looking to do training in
your home country then you’ll need to talk to a local flight school.


Yeas i guess joining a flying school helps maybe? i really need to do my research and move somewhere with proper attention given to aviation.Anyways, Thanks for the advice!