Being a Pilot in San Diego

Everyone has their dream location to live and work, for me it’s San Diego California. I’m actually considering ATP out there, but I also am trying to look at it as a potential home for the airlines.

I was wondering what the common situation for a pilot living in San Diego would be for both the regionals and majors, because I haven’t found any domiciles that include San Diego at least for the regionals.


To my knowledge there are not any airlines of any variety that have domiciles in San Diego. You would most likely need to commute to either LAX or SFO.

On a personal note, I really enjoy San diego myself, I do as many overnights as possible there.



Yes everyone has their dream location to live AND work but they don’t always coincide. The good news is that’s one of the perks of being an airline pilot. You can literally live anywhere. That said I’m extremely fortunate to have both :slight_smile:


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I actually do know 2. I’m not 100% but I believe all the West Coast cities with airports (LAX, SAN, SFO, SJC, SEA, PDX etc) are pretty popular spots. While there may not be a base there, many carriers operate in and out so that gives you options which is what you want.


I wouldn’t think LAX would be a terrible commute for a San Diego pilot, super short hop if you can get on a commuter flight (only 1hr) and if all else failed just hop in the car and it’s 2.5hr even with LA afternoon traffic. Regardless I could be wrong, and if so I’m sure one of the guys will mention why (something I didn’t know yet or think of probably)…

It seems to be a rather popular commute that a lot of pilots do. There is very frequent service between the two airports on various airlines. As commutes go, I would imagine that it is one of the easier ones.

I know of a delta captain living in San Diego that flies out of LAX and he says that the commute isn’t bad. Something to definitely consider.