Being an commercial pilot at an major airline

why do major airlines require you to have a 4 year degree to be a pilot at their airlines. I understand as a back up plan. but why can’t you just have a 2 year degree instead of a Bachelor’s degree. I’m sorry if it sounds if I’m complaining, I just want to get into the fun of the training simulators.


The majors require a degree for several reasons. To begin with, having a four year degree shows that a person can be dedicated to a task and follow through with something for several years, even when it is not fun.

Also, the degree requirement is an easy way for the airlines to sort through applicants. When the airlines have 12,000 applicants for 600 jobs, the degree is a very easy way to sort people out.

While I do enjoy my job very much, I would not describe simulator flying as fun, it can be very hard and challenging work.



Why are doctors, lawyers, accountants and virtually every other respected professional required to obtain a 4yr degree? Couldn’t I just graduate from HS and go straight to medical school and start cutting people open? Couldn’t I just go to law school and start cross examining Mr Tipton about his grits? No. Why? It’s because Major airlines (and most professions) want to see educated, well rounded individuals who are capable of committing themselves, working hard and reaching a goal. It’s because as a pilot for a Major airline you need to know more than pull back and the houses get smaller and push forward and they get bigger. You’re eventually going to be the Pilot in Command in charge of your crew and passengers. That position requires you to make decisions that can and do literally effect people’s lives. Now does having a piece of paper that says you successfully completed the 4yrs of study required to obtain a degree in Romance languages mean you’ll be good better at that then someone without one? Probably not but at least they know you can dedicate yourself to something and that’s a start.


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Grit. What the hell is a grit? --Joe Pesci

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Thank you. So basically they want you to get one to see that you are going to see something through. That makes sense