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Being convinced if l want to do flying

Hey everyone my names Chris. I am looking into atp right now. I have been in the military for a little while now and want to do something else so I felt like getting into flying would be a fun and exciting career. The question I have is that I’m not really convinced. Is it really worth it in the long run? I plan on visiting atp for a tour next month just a little unsure. I have no flight time and no degee so I jumping right into it a good idea?

Hey Christopher,

I suggest you take a discovery flight before anything else, to see if you like it. Make sure that you feel comfortable in the air.
What is your background? How did aviation come up as an option for you? What are you looking for in a career? It is very hard to tell you if it is worth it because each person has his own goals in life. Your “worth it” might be completely different than mine.
Check out some of the previous threads in this forum, there are a bunch of Q&As about the pros & cons of this career.


Hi Chris,

Yarden is right. Before you do anything you really need to go up. Some love it and others simply don’t. Without a degree you may be restricting your options in the future (as far as advancing to a Major) so that’s something you might want to think about too.

As for is it worth it? That’s something only you can decide. For me I absolutely LOVE my job and couldn’t be happier with my decision but not everyone does. That’s the reason personally I believe having a passion for aviation is crucial. There will be sacrifice and some very long, stressful days and if you’re only doing it for the paycheck frankly there are easier ways to make a living.

Go for a flight, that will definitely help with your decision.


Adam and Yarden thank you both for replying and in such short notice. I guess what I want to get out of a career is to travel more and see different places. My background is I have done some college in the past recent years but not in aviation. I know that it doesn’t matter what type of degree you have as long as you have one. In the military I did combat arms so no flying but was always interested in it but don’t want to do the military side of it. I was thinking of doing ATP considering they do zero to airline in 2 years and it seemed like a good option of I wanted to do it. But you both right I need to get up in the air and actually try I am scheduling a tour with flight next month.



When you go to look at ATP, or any other flight school, take this list of questions with you, I think you will find it helpful.


Thanks Chris I will actually use those questions when I go. I’m scheduled to go December 17 and will do the intro flight as well to see if I like it. Does anyone have any tips for preparing for flight school with no knowledge?


When you sign up for ATP they will provide you with all of the material that you will need to start preparing for flight school. If you want to get really aggressive you can start preparing for and taking your FAA written exams. If you decide you want to do that come back here and we will walk you through the best process for that.

That is great about the tour and intro flight, please let us know how you like it.


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Alright thanks again and yeah I will let everyone know how it goes when it’s done and over with.