Best ATP Location based on Weather

I was wondering what the 5 best ATP locations would be based solely on the weather conditions and the amount of days you can fly year round.

Thanks In Advance!


Without a crystal ball NO ONE can’t predict the weather with any real certainty. Everywhere in the US has its weather challenges. Winter can be harsh up north, the NW gets tons of rain and fog, FL and the Gulf states get major thunderstorms, west coast gets smog and even Phoenix ice storms and unbearable heat.

Choose the location that works best for you.



We always recommend choosing an ATP location that is best convenient for you. There is no “perfect” weather location, especially lately with how the weather systems are moving, things change every day.


The southwest might be the most stable, but you still have to deal with extreme wind, pretty much year-round.

And thunderstorms in monsoon season.


I know it has been stated, but every location will have its good weather days and less than ideal days. Obviously the Pacific Northwest is more challenging than most, but I would really just pick the location that is most convenient for you and not give it any further thought.


Yeah, that too.


JQF was the perfect location for me. Do you know why? Because it was 20 mins from my house! As the others have said, no matter where you go you won’t be immune to wx delays from time to time. Go somewhere convenient that will best set you up for success.


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I’ve heard from some regional leads that our location, KJVY, seems to fly a lot for a yearly average. But who knows, that’s just anecdotal. We’re far enough south to keep flying a decent amount in the winter and far enough north to not have crazy thunderstorms daily in the summer.