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Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a good and restful day! My question is, what should be some of the biggest things to look at when considering employment at a regional? I know some people look at bases, others look at upgrade time, or even guaranteed flight time. I was always told to go with a regional that (at worse case scenario) I could work for and be happy until the day I retire regardless of location and hours flown a month (mainly because nothing in aviation is guaranteed including employment at the majors).

Sounds like solid advice? Any others or would you do things differently?

Thanks again, gentlemen!!


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Yuran, Yuran, Yuran,

First off the BEST Regional is the one that hires you :slight_smile: All the reasons you state are valid but it really comes down to what’s most important to YOU. If it’s money then it’s money, location whatever. No one can tell you what’s best for you (although many will try).

Another thing to keep in mind is the best Regional (if there is such a thing?) right now might not be in 2 years. Many things can change including what’s important to you. When I was hired at ExpressJet they were the best Regional in the country at the time. Business was booming. We were the highest paid with the best contract. A few years later they were furloughing, downgrading and closing bases due to some poor business decisions. Right now everyone wants the new iPhone 7 but I doubt if that’ll be the case 2 years from now.

That all said wle it’s good to have a plan and an idea frankly you’re at Step 1 and you’re thinking about Step 167. Not saying I’m right but I first started training I didn’t even know what a Regional was. What I did know was I wanted to fly airplanes for a living and I focused on that. As I got more involved in the business (ie, started flight instructing) I spoke to other instructors and met their friends who were former instructors. They told me the good and the bad and eventually I came up with a list of favorites. ExpressJet was my first choice and I was fortunate that they hired me but if they hadn’t I would’ve gone to the next one. I stand by my original statement, the best Regional is the one that hires you.



Thanks for a reply (and a bit of humor lol). I totally understand what you’re saying! Honestly, I feel like I have to have an idea of step 200 (partly because I’m an analytical thinker and because I hate feeling unprepared). Though, I know this is a personal thing lol Having a wife and selling her on this idea takes some preparation and “creative marketing” :smiley:



Fair enough. I’m just saying relax that’s all.



I completely agree with Adam on this one. What we might tell you right now about the different carriers can and probably will be a totally different story when it comes time for you to choose.



Sorry for the late reply. I’m currently at a hotel waiting to be shipped off to Marine Corps Boot Camp. What you’re saying is reasonable and I completely understand haha As always, thank you for the input, sir!


It makes total sense to be honest. When it comes time to choose, I’m sure things will be different!
Thank you, Yarden!


Good luck Yuran!


Thank you, Adam! I’ll come back on the forum in 3 months!