Best route after ATP

Hello I was wondering if I get a four year degree and finish at ATP whilst doing that, what is the best route to fly with regional airlines so I can build hours to qualify for a major? Or should I aim to instruct somewhere?



ATP is a full time program, there is absolutely no way that you could attend college and go to ATP at the same time.

As for time building, the typical progression is to get your licenses, then build the 1,500 hours to qualify for a job at the regionals (this is usually done via instructing), then go to the regionals and build time for the majors.

I would recommend checking out the FAQ section of this website and ATP’s main website as there is a good amount of information in both of those places that will be helpful to you.


Hey thanks man :pray:

I though there was the flex track program that allows you to do college and ATP at the same time?


While Chris is correct you cannot complete ATPs traditional FastTrack, you could train using their Flex Track program.

Regardless after you complete all your training you would still need to build the required 1500hrs to fly for a Regional. The most common route is flight instructing as there aren’t many other flying jobs for low time pilots. After you build your time THEN you can fly for a Regional or possibly find a corporate gig to gain time and experience to eventually be hired by a Major.

As Chris said you really should visit our FAQ section where we cover this and many other popular subjects.