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Best steps for starting at ATP

Hi there, recently found and joined this amazing formum, have learned a ton of info just going thru the posts so thanks in advance!! I have a degree in computer science, but initially started off at Embry Riddle in Daytona (transferred after sophomore year) before transferring out as it got to costly. A decade has passed but I still have the passion and desire to be a commercial pilot so I am going after my dreams. I have found that ATP seems like the best option for me. I want to start in about March or April of 2018 and wanted to know how long before should I apply for the loan? I have read to take the writtens prior to, whats a good starting point for these? Any other tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

Hello Kerry,

Welcome. I would give yourself 3-6 months to prepare for the written exams.
The loan application process is relatively quick. I remember receiving my
approval within a few days. Now, it is quite common for an applicant to be
denied depending on the applicant’s credit history and outstanding debt. If
denied, it’s not the end of the world. You can always apply again after
making adjustments to your application. That said, about a month should be
enough time to begin the loan application process.



Thank you so much to taking the time to reply and sharing your thoughts, it’s truly appreciated!! So with the 3-6 month prep time for the writtens, I will start now to get this process going… my credit is ok, but I can work to improve it within the next couple months to make it better!! The ATP rep I spoke to said due to the accelerated program, this would be time consuming so he advised to schedule everything around it… I started my own business but I am forsaking that to pursue this!! Was just thinking in terms of not having a FULL time job if/how that affects loan process?

Anytime, Kerry.

I’m not sure if the business will affect the loan application, but I do
know that it is nearly impossible to work during flight training. I’ve only
witnessed one person who was able to manage his business during training.
This individual failed a few rides. Not saying that the two were directly
related, but it sure didn’t help.



thanks again for your great info!!! Yes the counselor strongly advised me to make a decision, one I already did, I rather pursue my dream of being a commercial pilot!!! Surely dont want to add any additional constraints whilst attaining my licenses!! Thanks again!!

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