Best tablet and app for pilots

Hi! I am looking at my options for tablets for use while flying. What are your recommendations on Android vs. IOS and Garmin pilot vs. foreflight? For those of you that favor Android what’s your favorite tablet? Hard drive size? Screen size? And does it need to be only wifi compatible with GPS, or is it necessary to have a data SIM.

I searched the forum for this topic and didn’t see anything so hopefully I didn’t miss it :grimacing:

Thank you in advance for the feedback and help :slight_smile:


I think it’s safe to say the majority uses an iPad mini up to pro 64GB+ with ForeFlight. Cellular will give you GPS tracking. WiFi only with ADS-B receiver will give you GPS tracking and more.



You haven’t seen anything on this forum because this forum belongs to ATP and they require an iPad for their training program.

While personally I’m an Android guy the fact is Apple jumped in first and hard when it comes to aviation and virtually every app seems to be native and just work better. Even at the some level you’ll find iPads in the majority of cockpits.



Sorry couldn’t help it :grin:

Okay sounds like iPad it is, thank you both!

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