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Best way? or there is another one being foreign and 31 years old


Am from Chile, 31 years old.

Since I was a kid I have a dream, to become a pilot, and now (for different reasons) I have the chance.

Right now am doing my private pilot course in Chile, and then I want to go to the US to take a commercial program, starting from the instrumental course. This should take me 5 months (approximately) and later take the CFI course and gain experiencie and flight hours.
Of course I dont want to be an Instructor for ever. Is not that I dont like to be one, its because I want to fly on a airline.
So, been studying and later working as an instructor, it is possible nowtimes to work on an airline in the US being foreign? If an airline want to hire you, they support somehow your VISA formalities?
What is the best way to be attractive to an airline at my age and not having a lot of experience, yet.
The international airline career program is for me?

By the way, the Airline Tuition reimbursement works for foreign people?

Thanks for your time!


You are not going to like these answers…

To work at a US airline you will need to be a US citizen or US permanent legal resident. The US airlines will not sponsor your VISA applications. The same holds true for being a flight instructor in the US, you will not be able to be one.

Foreign students are also not eligible for the Tuition Reimbursement Program.

This website is run by US pilots, as such out familiarity is with airlines in the US. I recommend that you find some resources in your region of the world to ask about flying for the airlines down there. Best of luck.