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I’m currently working on my bachelor’s degree right now. I have heard that it really doesn’t matter what I major in, what really matters is that I get the degree. From your experience, would a degree in Business (I’m doing Finance) look more appealing than someone with an art major? I was wondering if I would have any advantage, no matter how small, over someone else due to my choice in major.
Also, I was wondering about the pilot shortage. I heard United bought a ton of 737-7 aircraft to replace part of the routes taken by regional airlines. If they continue to do this, and other airlines follow suit, do you guys still think that there will be a great pilot shortage among the regional carriers?
Thanks again!

Hello Cameron and Welcome,

Your first statement is correct. They want the degree and that is all. In most cases the subject of study won’t even come up. It’s a question on an application and a demonstration that you have the discipline to accomplish something. I’d argue there’s nothing that would/could prove an accountant would be a better pilot than a musician.

The pilot shortage is alive and kicking as we speak. The Regionals and the Majors are hiring like mad. The Majors recognize the problem and are doing a variety of things to try and alleviate it’s impact. The Majors are also hurting for pilots and if they begin to bring more of the flying in-house that’s all the better for new pilots. In that case they’ll be forced to start to lower their mins and bring new pilots in directly from flight instruction but not before they clean out the Regionals first. It’s a very good time to be getting involved.



Welcome to the forums! I completely agree with Adam that the subject of the degree does not matter. I have a business degree myself, it did not seem to have any affect on my hiring potential or affect the interview process at all.

United has purchased several 737-700s and much of the is due to bringing aloof our flying back in house from the regionals. As Adam said that is great news for pilots everywhere. As the majors hire they do so from the regionals, causing more hiring there. Everybody moves up and into better paying jobs in a situation like this. This really is an unprecedented time of growth in the airline industry.

When are you considering beginning your flight training?


As of right now I think I will be getting my private pilots license this summer between semesters, but I won’t actually go to flight school until about summer of 2019. That would probably have me applying at around late 2020-2021.