Big Bend CC Flight School, WA

Good afternoon All,

This will be my first post on this forum. I am 30 years old and getting ready to embark on the flight school journey.

I was wondering if any of you had any reviews or experience with Big Bend Community College flight school in Moses Lake, WA. I live nearby and am considering attending, as I have heard nothing but good reviews (mostly from those who are not in the aviation field). In addition, it is quite convenient for me compared to the closest ATP school which is a couple hundred miles away.

Here is he website:

Does anything jump out to anyone? I appreciate any and all feedback.



The first thing I notice on their website is poor grammar and punctuation use. While this doesn’t really have anything to do with their aviation program, it doesn’t say much for a school that bills itself as a college.

What also jumped at me was that I didn’t see them offering CFI certificates. Without being a CFI it will be very difficult to earn your hours.

I didn’t give it much of a review beyond that, but the CFI thing is a big deal.



Without even going to the website you say you’ve heard “good reviews” from people NOT in aviation. Have you heard any from anyone IN the field? I know nothing about the school but I don’t know a single pilot who’s gone there.

After visiting the website the thing that does “jump” out at me is the program costs $61,500 and after 2yrs you’ve only got your Commercial and Instrument rating. You’ll still need to get your Multi rating AND build some ME time AND figure out some way to build the other 1300hrs you’ll need to get hired at a Regional. That is vs ATP that cost $66k BUT includes your ME and all 3 CFI’s, a guaranteed instructor position (where you get paid AND the opportunity for Tuition Reimbursement) and the fact that in the same 2yrs (maybe 2.5?) instead of trying to figure how to build time you’d have the time and be flying for a Regional.

Convenience is great but…


Hey John,

It’s really hard to say. I know nothing about their program and it’s very
hard to judge a school based on a website. If I were you I would be more
concerned about what you’re going to do after the program (assuming you
decided to do it). Are you going to continue and get your multi engine, CFI
and CFII ratings? How much will that cost? How long will that take? Will
you teach there or somewhere else? Do you know how many hours you’ll be
able to fly per month as a CFI? How long will it take you to get to 1500

Now compare that with putting flight school on hold, getting your degree
first, and then attending an accelerated flight school that offers all of
the ratings necessary to help you meet ATP (the rating not the school)
minimums. In this scenario you know exactly what you’re getting. With your
option, you’ll have to piece your ratings together and it will most likely
take more time and cost more money. At the end of the day it’s your
decision. There is more than one way to become an airline pilot. For you,
you need to do more research. Whatever you decide is what you’ll have to
live with.


Thank you all for your swift responses. I do agree with you on the timing of things. Being as I am 30, I would like to get this done in the fastest amount of time possible. ATP is the better option in that sense.

This forum really is a breath of fresh air. Before here I have looked at numerous public forums where there seem to be many a jaded pilot complaining about the industry rather than shedding light on reality or facts.

Thank you, all.

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We are happy to help and thanks for the compliments. Adam, Tory and me love what we do and are happy to share our knowledge. Keep asking your questions :slight_smile:

I’m actually very jaded and complain ALL THE TIME but try and keep it to myself :slight_smile: