Biggest obstacles while flying

Hello mentors!
Just wanted to ask … in your opinion … what are the biggest obstacles you come across while taking off, flying, or landing? I’ve been doing my homework by reading whatever I can and watching all kinds of videos and something that struck me was cross winds while taking off or landing. What are yalls thoughts?


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Not sure I’d consider any of those “obstacles”? While X-wind takeoffs and more so landings can be challenging, like most things as you gain skill and experience they become less so. I’d have to say the biggest obstacle (or inconvenience?) when I’m flying is large areas of storms. I do a lot of flying to Asia and crossing the Pacific we often encounter some very significant weather systems, sometimes spanning hundreds of miles. While not scary, they do require some good judgment and experience as how to best navigate them. Sometimes it’s over, sometimes you pick your way through and sometimes you simply have to take the long way around them. Again nothing bad just kind of a pain.


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Thanks Adam!