Bit of an unusual TAF!


So, you think this qualifies for VFR visibility minimums?

That ceiling does seem rather high.

I am confused though as I have never seen a TAF or METAR look like that. This is what they have always looked like when I look them up:



That was the Foreflight version. I wondered at first if it was a glitch too, but apparently that’s actually what’s being reported.


Strange, must have just been an error.

Glad to see the real version of the TAF, I had hear palpitations thinking that any ATP student would be using decoded TAFs :slight_smile:



Definitely an error here. I’ve seen PIREPS at 120,000 FT and I don’t think anything commercial or general aviation can make it that far. Unless astronauts are experiencing turbulence at 120,000 FT… I’d be concerned. I’ve seen some winds go more than 900 KTS., the highest I’ve seen is the latest hurricane that made its way through western Florida and up the east coast.


Back in the day (not sure if jerky guys like me still do this?) when you were flying with a newbie you’d request the weather at KMWN (Mt Washington, rather than your destination) and fain horror and surprise as it’s winds are frequently gusting in the 60-70s and often over 100kts with 0/0 vis and ceilings. Good times! :relaxed:


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Never heard of that one. I am going to have to try that next trip.