Bombardier or Embraer?

Which one do you prefer? I am happy with either one. :slight_smile:


I think you’ll find most pilots are partial to the equipment they flew which makes me an ERJ guy. Aesthetically I think the Embraer is a better looking airplane and there’s no question that the 170/190s look more like “real” airliners vs stretch RJs (which all the CRJs are). While I never flew the CRJ I have been in the sim and junpseated on a few and I also feel the ERJ has a more ergonomic layout. Also when I was at Xjt there were routes the Embraer had to fly because the 145 had a greater range/payload than the comparable 200.

1 vote for Embraer :slight_smile:


Overall, the Embraer beats a Bombardier. But there’s things a Bombardier
can do that an ERJ can’t. At Horizon, the Dash 8s are equipped with Cat III
and 0.1 RNP with a HUD. Horizon can build their own approaches to get into
places no other airline can. Plus, being a turbo prop has the advantage of
navigating through mountainous terrain. So, I think Bombardier gets credit
for it’s capability, but personally I’d rather be in the jet.


Embraer! I go down to the factory in Brazil all of the time. And in fact Tory, the ERJ does have the ability for CATIII, auto land, RNP - all of that fancy business. It just depends on what the partner would like to put on it. And it is capable of the performance of a CR7 as well, when you change the configuration. ERJ all the way.