Bonus or home base?

I’ve been studying the different signing bonuses , tuition reimbursements and hiring bonuses between all of the different operators and major airlines… and now my mind is spinning

I’m from Colorado and I’d like to keep my family here if I could; but I’m not opposed to moving around, especially if it’s worth chasing $120k-&180k!

The problem I’m having is trying to decide what’s best…
Chasing the bonuses from state to state?
Or staying local without any bonuses but having a hometown base of operations?

I know it’s ultimately my decision but I could use a guidance from anyone who might have had the same dilemma.



Everyone has a different opinion on this but as with most things it’s what works best for YOU.

That said I have to ask where you are in the process? Are you getting close to your 1500hrs?


Thanks Adam,

I’m not anywhere near 1500 yet… I’m just trying get some my head wrapped around all these tantalizing opportunities.
It seems like you have to make a decision fairly quickly so I wanted to get more info about these options.


I understand. That said keep in mind this industry is always changing and evolving and the bases and perks available may look very different then they do know. I keep my options open until you get closer and evaluate the landscape then.


Thanks Adam

Sounds good, I appreciate your feedback!



You need to just focus on your flight training for now. As Adam said, things change and you have a lot of time to make decisions once you’re time building.

Just want to add my thoughts though. When it comes to bonus ask a lot of questions. Often times they come with many strings attached. Right now, it’s the pilots market. Airlines need pilots and pilots want options. If you take an airlines bonus, I guarantee you give up something. Most likely, time.

For example, airline X has a $100k sign on bonus. In the small print, you have to stay with the company for 2 years as a captain to receive that money. So if you plan on staying with Airline X for your career, great you’ve got nothing but time and then you get to collect. However, if you’re end goal is Airline Y, well now you committed for a bonus you might never stay to collect (if hired to airline Y sooner than 2 yr capt) or you stay to collect and delay seniority at airline Y canceling out any bonus and costing thousand in lost income over a career.

Just some food for thought…


Gotcha that all makes sense now…

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for the thought-food!