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Brand new career

Hello, My name is Lucas im 25 years old ive been looking to make a career change. Im currently working at McDonalds and my local town’s parks department. I have no college education, so I was wondering is it realistic for someone like me to become an airline pilot if so what steps do i need to take.

Thank you


Sure it’s realistic! You’re young and can pretty much anything. To be successful in this industry at some point you are going to want a degree as the Major airlines all desire one but that can wait.

I suggest you take a look at our FAQ section and also visit ATPs website. Both will give you an overview of the process. Please feel free to come back after with specific questions.



Great thank you!


To become an airline pilot you need to obtain all of your ratings and build 1,500 hours of flight time to be eligible for the airlines. Most people build the flight time by instructing. Please check out the FAQ section of this website and ATP’s main website:

as there is great information there. You will not need a college degree to fly for the regional airlines, but you will for the majors.