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Briefing for transoceanic flights

Hi all,
Just wondering how do you brief a transoceanic flight, what charts do you go through, how long does it take, etc
Thank you


We use a number of different charts going Transpac (winds/temp aloft, turbulence, radar) but the most useful (in my opinion) is the SigWx Prog chart which shows you the Significant Weather Prognosis for the areas we’re flying through. It gives you a nice snapshot of what you’ll encounter where and when. With the new modern software (using Google Earth) we can actually overlay the SigWx and radar over the route and know exactly what’s happening now, where it’s moving, what’s developing so you really have an excellent idea of what you’ll encounter. Really doesn’t take more than a few minutes to brief. Keep in mind we’re also getting updates throughout the flight from dispatch, ATC and other aircraft.


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