Building time SIC Corporate/Charter

Hi all,

I’ve been instructing for some time and one of my fellow instructors just left to fly right seat for a charter company at around 800hrs. I’m wondering if flying SIC for a corporate/charter is realistic with less than 1,000 hrs. If so, where would you find a job like that and would it be a good idea to do for a short period of time (say 1-2 years) to build time and experience before heading to a regional?

Appreciate any advice!



I’m confused by your question? You say “one of your fellow instructors just left to fly right seat for a charter company” and then you ask if it’s realistic? Clearly it is based on what you just said.

As for whether or not it’s a good idea there are good charter/corp jobs and there are lousy ones. If you’re simply sitting there for insurance purposes and the PIC never let’s you touch the controls then it’s not really beneficial but if you’re legitimately flying as a CO-pilot then it can be some great experience.

When it comes to finding those jobs there are many pilot recruitment websites out there, just do some Googling.


I guess what I meant by that was asking if he got a job like that at 800hrs, is it realistic that it would be a good gig, or to find something like it. But you really answered that with that second part. Thanks I appreciate the response!


A lot of those kinds of positions are found by networking with other pilots and local FBOs. If you’re interest in that line of work, all depends on what you want to get out of it and what the company is willing to let you do. Adam explained it perfectly. Some right seat jobs are, in my opinion, as waste of time if all you’re doing is slinging gear and radios. Others are more hands on and offer upgrade opportunities. Just make sure you know what you’d be getting yourself into before you jump on the first offer you receive.



I am not a fan of these low time corporate positions, for several reasons. To begin with, they often (but not always) involve a fair amount of work other than flying airplanes. Tasks such as catering, booking rental cars, washing the airplanes, etc often fall to pilots in these situations. Also, you will find that in many of these positions the FO is not allowed to fly, or only does so when none of the VIPs are on board. Plus, they usually do not fly nearly as much as a CFI, therefore taking longer to get to the regionals.


Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice!