Buy a plane to build hours?

My husband likes the idea of purchasing a 150 for our daughter to build flight time. (She is still working on her PPL now, but plans on becoming a commerical airline pilot eventually.) He thinks we can purchase one for ~ $13,000. He says that we can sell it once her training is over and it will cost us less money in the long run. I know almost nothing about airplanes, but I do know that owning an airplane is not free. There are annuals, storage fees, repairs, insurance, etc. Has anyone penciled out the costs of purchasing a small airplane for building hours versus renting an airplane to build time? Do most flight students purchase an airplane to build time? Once she becomes a CFI, can she teach students in that plane (or is that normally done through a flight school)?

Heres a video about this -

13K seems low, I’d say around 20k would be more realistic.

There are a lot of CFIs who own there own airplane and use it to teach in, she would just need all the required insurance and legal stuff and of course the customers. If the goal is to get to the airlines I personally would just work for a school and build consistent hours in their airplanes with students they provide.

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Just keep in mind that buying a 13k plane can accumulate itself up to a 30k+ plane when you factor in maintenance, engine overhauls, etc.

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This question comes up from time to time and there’s a reason why most pilot’s don’t. As you point out there are a ton of fees associated with the cost of ownership. She then has to find an instructor who’s willing to teach in her airplane. What happens when the plane is down for maintenance? That $13k airplane wasn’t made 5yrs ago, it’s decades old. Something significant comes up and she could be grounded for months. What happens if that instructor isn’t available? As for students why should I sign up with your daughter and her one airplane when I can go to a school with multiple options etc.

It may sound like a good idea but again there’s a reason why this is more of a novelty than a common practice.


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