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I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about the ATP training process and it has caused me too develop some questions. Most of the reviews state that there is unrealistic time frames to complete licenses such as around 4 hrs for a single engine commercial and little time for CFI training, causing most to unexpectedly buy more hours which can be hard if one didn’t prepare for it. I’ve also been reading that there are often long delays such as when getting the CFI rating at one of the three locations, increasing costs. What do you guys think about these reviews? are they representative or hold a lot of validity?


This question comes up from time to time (and again I recommend browsing the forum) but here’s the deal. There are 2 things that come into play. MOST of the bad reviews come from people who were not successful in the program. The reality is that not everyone can or should be a pilot and that can be a hard pill to swallow. The ATP course again is modeled after actual airline training and it can be very challenging. ATP requires a tremendous amount of discipline and hard work. It’s much easier to point fingers than to accept the fact you simply don’t have what it takes. There’s a reason the vast majority of people who start flying never even earn their PPL. Second, some people want what they want when and how they want it. This is aviation and there are other factors at work. Weather and FAA availability to name a couple. ATP does they very best to get everyone done within their scheduled time and does so the vast majority of the time. That said on occasion there can be a delay. Even though the individual has still completed their training faster than they would have anywhere else they’re bothered.

I strongly recommend you take a look at the Student Experience section to see what current ACTUAL students have to say.



ATP has been in business for decades and has been conducting their program in much the same way for that entire time. They have literally trained thousands of pilots, with the vast majority of them not needing any extra time at all. All three of the mentors on this forum went through the program without extra time. You are most likely reading reviews from disgruntled people that just couldn’t cut it as a pilot, but the reality is that they probably wouldn’t make it even if you doubled the time that was allotted, not everybody has it in them to fly, just like I could never be a painter.

I recommend that you check out the “Student Experiences” section of this website to read real, unedited reviews from current and former ATP students.