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Cabin air quality

I’ve read several articles with controversy regarding cabin air quality. Some state a growing number of sick air crew members and lawsuits.

Have you guys (adam, chris, tory) seen any of this going on in your career? heard of others or personally experienced sickness because of toxic cabin air?


I’ve read and heard some stories but have never personally experienced it or known anyone who has.


I have never seen anything myself that would support this, it sounds like an urban legend to me.

I have not witnessed or heard of any cases that would support this claim either.


Sorry to dig up an old thread but I was curious if pilots are complaining more about toxic fumes in the cockpit. I linked an article that talks about it (pretty lengthy) and it referenced 300+ incidents in just over a year, with some pilots losing their medical because of it.

Do you guys train to mitigate these incidents or how to recognize the effects of when you are becoming impaired due to fumes?

Or is this just shoddy journalism tactics to get clicks on their website?

I’m truly curious if Boeing/Airbus are really trying to escape more liability issues due to toxic fumes in their airplanes or if this is a non-issue that we don’t need to worry about.


We haven’t had a fumes event in a few years. There’s really not a whole lot to train. If you smell something potentially toxic you put on your O2 mask. Whatever it was that caused those events have seemingly been worked out. Really not something I even think about.



I have never heard of one of these events at my airline, or happening to anybody that I know. I think this was a bunch of hype.