Cadet Programs

Hi, mi name is Danny and I’m a student pilot at Costa Rica. I’ve seen a lot of cadet programs in Europe but not so many in the US, since there’s going to be a pilot shortage I heard JetBlue is going to start a cadet program. What do you think about it? Would you recommend it?


The only cadet program that I have heard of in the US is JetBlue’s program. If you can get in that program I would recommend doing so, but I will say that they have very few slots and the competition is fierce. If you want to train in the US you will most likely need to attend a traditional flight school.

Is your goal to fly for an airline in Costa Rica or here in the states?

I am actually on my way to BZE today :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel,

If you look into it the JetBlue Program (while still a good program) it’s actually VERY different from the cadet programs in Europe. The problem is here in the US we have the 1500hr Rule which requires you to build 1500hrs before you can fly for an airline. In Europe you can still get hired and fly with their equivalent of a Commercial Pilot license which means only 250hrs. The 1500hrs in essence creates a “gap” in the time you finish training till the airline can employ you.

As Chris said JetBlues program is a good one. Personally I think it’s on the expensive side and there are other routes (like ATP) that are as good and more flexible.


Thanks for answering!
My goal is to get my PPL here in Costa Rica and then continue my career at the US. I want to take advantage of my dual citizenship and eventually work in a regional airline.

Have a nice flight!