So this is more of an airline questions… With the different regionals you have callsigns such as brickyard, horizon, and etc. When you are flying a delta connection flight or something like that do use your airlines callsign or the airline that the aircraft represents?


Good question. The callsign is attached to the aircraft registration you’re flying, not who sold the tickets or the paint job. Regionals use THEIR callsign (ie,Brickyard, Acey, SkyWest, etc) regardless of the livery. It’s hard enough to keep it straight when you change airlines after a few years. If you had to do it daily it’d be a mess!


Oh okay, makes a lot more sense now. I didn’t know that it was linked to the registration of the aircraft itself.

I had absolutely no trouble at all dropping “Jetlink” for “Continental”. For some reason, it was much harder to go from “Continental” to “United”.

Thinking it was a time factor. How long were you saying Jetlink vs how long you were saying Contimental?

Funny story I was having a particularly “challenging” sim experience 2yrs after leaving ExpressJet and out of nowhere I blurted out a “Jetlink”?!? Thinking stress induced Law of Primacy event :slight_smile:


Fair point, two years of “Jetlink” versus five years of “Continental”.