Camarillo location

My name is Michael (29) and I’m currently looking for housing around the Camarillo area in California. Is there any websites anyone knows/used that worked for them when looking for housing?

Hi Michael,
There are a lot of good apps out there for finding roomates. I’m not sure if you’re looking for shared housing or not, but recommends their top 10 great apps for finding housing and roomates. Roomie, Roomster, BunkUp, Circle, are good ones to name a few.

Good luck hunting!


You could also stop in the Camarillo ATP location and talk to the TSS or active students there and see what kind of intel you can find. I bet you’ll get some good ideas or maybe even find a roommate looking for the same thing!

Just a thought…


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ATP has housing at the Camarillo location if you’re looking to use it during your attendance as a student. You should contact Admissions/Housing tomorrow during normal business hours at 904-595-7950.

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