Can a pilot have two jobs/careers?

As I said in my previous post, I like accounting and finance and I was wondering if a pilot can run a business like selling stocks, insurances, things like that, that would give you another way of income…


The answer is EVENTUALLY. Many of the pilots I know have other jobs, careers, business etc but that comes later when you’ve built some seniority and have control over your schedule. Not something I’d be planning on doing for a few years.


Thanks for the tip. I am just planning to do my major in accounting and then proceeding to ATP.


I would point out that one of the primary advantages of being an airline pilot is that it provides a good deal of time off, especially after some seniority is built. That, combined with pretty decent salaries can provide for a pretty darn good standard of living. My suggestion would be just enjoy the days off, spend time with your family, go hiking or whatever makes you happy. If that is running a finance business then go for it.


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