Can a private jet be used commercially with a single pilot

So this is a bit weird of a question, but a genuine wonder. My friends after finding out I enrolled in flight school made jokes like “if I’m ever rich and famous one day your gonna be my pilot”, and I was wondering if that’s possible. I know you can fly a private jet by yourself but you could you for commercial pay. Also, can someone own an A320 and fly it for recreational use? Thank you for your time.


Whether an airplane can be flown single pilot or not is determined by the manufacturer and the FAA. While there are some corporate jets that are certified for a single pilot, the majority of large commercial aircraft are not.

To answer your question, if you’ve got the cash you can buy and fly ANY airplane but in most cases you’ll need another pilot with you. Case in point John Travolta owns his own B707 but he’s not legally able to fly that plane alone. Even if you could, it’s really not a good idea.



There are only a few types of business jets that are able to be flown single pilot. The vast majority of jets require two pilots, this is a FAA requirement. Yes, if ypu had enough money, you could fly any jet you want recreationally, provided you had the proper training and another qualified pilot with you.



Define private jet :wink:

Some bigger jets that can be flown single pilot are the Citation V, Phenom 300, and Honda Jet. Who knows, with enough automation maybe the FAA could start letting bigger and bigger jets be flown single pilot, but we are probably still a ways off for the A320 to make that list :sweat_smile:

Everything about that little airplane just looks dangerous.

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Haha, I would say the size of the Hollywood private jet, around the size of a G700.