Can I become an airline pilot when I am only 158 cm tall?


I have Dream to be come a pilot , but i’m not sure that 158cm Enough to become a pilot ( for Female) ?

Hello Amal,

According to my handy-dandy cm-in calculator 158cm = 62.2in which is 5ft 2in and I happen to know pilots who are shorter than that so you’re height wouldn’t be an issue. Any other concerns?


thank you for answer
yes 158cm is 5’2 in US but in my country we used CM

another concerns
I don’t know how I choose the school of flight Any advicec


You haven’t given us much info? Are you currently living (or do you desire to live) in the US or elsewhere and/or do you plan on doing your training in the US? As it is I really don’t have much info on training out of the US. If I were living in Europe or Asia I would probably contact one of the Majors in that country regarding their ab initio programs and internships. Here in the US I’m obviously a fan of ATP (who hosts this site). ATP was created BY airline pilots to train airline pilots and does no “recreational” training. There simply is no more efficient route to an airline career in in the US.