Can I get some real feedback on what ATP cost

I was wondering what the real cost of attending ATP and the final cost associated. I’ve read that its $80K but then I’ve seen places where people have stated that they only spent $60k. Its not that I don’t think ATP is not a good deal, but that’s a pretty wide range in expenses.

So I would like to see some feedback on what others have spent to graduate ATP and please include the time frame when you attended.


ATP has had to adjust the cost of the program over the years because of
inflation and the rising costs of fuel. The current prices of the offered
programs are $65,995 and $75,995. You can follow this link for more

Keep in mind that the cost of the program does not include a headset,
iPad/kneeboard, check ride fees, living expenses, any extra training that
may be required. A quick google search will give you an idea of how much
the headset, iPad and kneeboard will cost. It’s too hard for me to estimate
cost of living. You’ll have to do that on your own. Examiner fees will be
about $5,000 total. Extra training is also hard to estimate. That’s
something that will need to be confronted when it’s time to cross that