Can I keep my day time job while attending flight scholl?

Hello all. Thanks for having me in here.
I’m a physical therapist assistant but becoming a professional pilot has always been my passion.
I’d like to know, it is possible to keep my day time job while attending flight scholl?

Hello Emmanuel,

The answer is yes it’s possible BUT not really advisable if you’re serious about become a professional. There are many fine flight schools out there that will let you keep your day job and train/study at your own pace and when it’s convenient. The problem is that’s an incredibly inefficient method of training. To give you an example, I started flying years ago while keeping my job and training when able. It took me nearly 2 yrs just to get my Private Pilot license (something that can be accomplished in just a month). Conversely when I got “serious” I enrolled in ATP’s Career Pilot Program and earned my Multi rating, Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot license and all 3 instructor ratings in just 87 days! There’s a reason the airlines and the military train their pilots daily. Flying skills are progressive AND perishable. Each lesson builds on the last and if you allow too much time between lessons (and that could be as little as a week) and the skills and knowledge begin to lapse causing you to have to re-learn previous material.

Can it be done? Sure, but you must be try and be consistent (which can be difficult at your local flight school. Usually not enough instructors or aircraft) and it often gets frustrating and expensive. While you might want to start off locally to make sure it’s what you really want to do, if you’re really serious I recommend you try and work it out financially and just take the plunge. In 6 mos you could be working as a flight instructor and be at an airline in 2yrs.

Food for thought.


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Adam thanks a lot for taking your time to help me and answer my question.
I did not mention that I’m a husband and father of the 2. Getting a paycheck every 2 weeks is a must for me.
When you go to a flight school, do you have to spend the whole day or is it a couple hours? Like 4 hours or so. Currently I make my own schedule therefore I can play with the hours I work. If it’s only a couple hours I don’t think it would be a problem for me. ( if there’s a will, there’s a way ) right now in my life I don’t see myself doing anything else but to fly ( and get pay for it is amazing )


For the most part 2 hrs a day is plenty. You will need some longer days for cross-country flights when that time comes but that won’t be often. I definitely agree where there’s a will there’s way. Just be mindful of your progress .


Oh that’s definitely doable. I’ll have no problem to take 2-3 hours off a day for flight school and when it’s cross-country time, I’ll just take the day off ( I just hope they’re not 2 days straight back to back. But then again if there’s a will there’s a way )

I have a 2 year degree right now, when I get started with a regional I’ll make sure I get a 4 year degree so I’ll be able to move on to a major airline in due time :sunglasses:
Thanks so much Adam.

No problem Emmanuel,

Keep in mind the biggest obstacle you may encounter is not YOUR schedule but the flight schools. As I said many local schools only have a few instructors and a few airplanes as well. I’d visit a few and tell them EXACTLY what you’re trying to accomplish and make sure they have the resources. Not trying to be negative just giving you a heads up.

Let us know how you make out.


Thanks a lot brother for your advice. You guys are great

Yes, yes we are :slight_smile: