Can I start ATP in June?


Would I be able to start ATP in June? I saw Jan-March. I’m a teacher and that’s when our school year ends. Also, do I need to reserve a spot at an ATP location? I’m in Chicago. I have a wife and 2 kids that are on board with me become a career pilot. My first thought is I can go up to Milwaukee if need be.

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Call Admin tomorrow morning to see what their availability is: 904-595-7950.

Your $995 deposit reserves your spot.


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It’s best to confirm a class date as soon as you can as they do fill up. If I had to guess, it’s showing the current availability up to 9 months out. I believe, 9 months out is the earliest you can book but call admissions tomorrow and see what you can work out.

Just want to make sure you have taken an intro flight and been approved financing as well? You’ll need to check both of those boxes before confirming a start date.


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So intro to flight is not included in the ATP course? I was planning on doing the loan application and going to the admissions flight after approval

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“…if you are approved, you will be eligible for a free Admissions Flight with ATP.”

Enrollment Steps for Airline Career Pilot Students/ ATP Flight School step #2 on that page.

Class start dates are generally held every week, so yes, you can start in June. Be sure to reserve your class dates as far as possible in advance to make sure that you secure the date you desire.


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