Can I still become an Airline Pilot even if I have a Reckless Driving record?

I am currently 20 years old working for an airline company as a passenger service agent at an airport.

Working in the airline industry really made me interested in becoming an airline pilot; however, couple years ago, I was given a Traffic Crime Citation/Arrest record of ‘Reckless Driving’ from the time I was 18 years old. And I did get two more traffic crime citation for ‘speeding’ and going above 81mph+ which was NOT classified as Reckless driving.

I don’t have a CFI yet because I don’t want all my money and time to go to waste after training for few years and later finding out that I can’t even become an airline pilot in the first place because of my record.

I’d like to start working on getting my Private Pilots Certificate and eventually attaining my ATP License, however, I don’t know if I’ll even be able to attain my FAA Medical Certificate in the first place because of my record.

The first step is to apply for a FAA medical and see how that goes.

Time heals all wounds and the same is true with the airlines and the FAA. You need to slow down and not get any more tickets, period.

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You are going to need to apply for a 1st Class FAA Medical, and this may be the first obstacle given the results and outcome. I would be searching for your nearest FAA AME and consulting with them.

As per the job, maintain a good and clean record for some time, once the charges have past and you are in “good standing,” that will be the time teller. Keep that foot off the gas and set the cruise control at the speed limit.


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Thank you Chris,
I’ll just cross my fingers, let time do it’s works, and keep a clean record and hope that everything is going to work well.

Thank you Brady,

I’ll contact my AME and see what they’ll have to say about this case.


The first class medical appointment ranges from $150-$200 depending on where you live. When you fill out the form on medxpress, read the questions carefully. There will be a few questions regarding your driving history. Answer honestly and see how it goes with the AME. Better to know right away before committing any money to flight training. Plus, without the medical you can’t be an airline pilot.