Can I use my Montgomery GI Bill to pay for the ATP Commercial Airline Career?

I’m currently in the navy trying to figure out what to do with my life after serving. My true passion is to become a commercial pilot and ATP looks so enticing I just have no idea if i can use my Montgomery GI Bill to pay for it or at least part of it.


You can use your GI benefits to pay for examiner fees. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot, it can add up to nearly $8000 that isn’t accounted for in the cost of the program.

To utilize your entire benefit, it would most likely need to be a part 141 program attached to a university. It would take more than 4 years to get some of the ratings plus time building after that. The loss of future earnings doesn’t quite justify the “savings” of utilizing the benefits.



ATP is a Part 61 school and as such you can only use your GI bennies to cover the examiner fees (approx $10k).

While I obviously understand the desire to have the gov pay for your training, the added time it will take at a 141 school will cost you far more in lousy income and seniority than the cost of training.