Can I work?


Is it possible to still work and do ATP? I still need to live and make money, but will I be able to still pay bills (rent, car payments, etc.)? Im is just curious.

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This question gets asked daily and a simple search will give you multiple threads with explanations but the long short is this:

Is it possible? Yes.
Is it recommended? No.
Will you be successful? Probably not.
Will you end up wasting ALOT of money and time and possibly never reach your goals? Most likely.



You are able to add monthly expenses in to the cost of your loan. That’s how most people manage to get through the program without any income.



To offset the monthly expenses that I had, I included it into my tuition’s loan value. I was unable to accrue the funds prior to program start and I certainly was not going to delay any longer my newly founded career. I would reach out to the financing team if you’re concerned about funds or have financial questions, they’re great.

You will want to devote your fullest of time into the program to achieve the most success.