Can Pilots train their kids?

I always wondered especially for pilots that go through ATP to get literally all their ratings. Adam, you’d especially be perfect for this question since you mentioned you have kids, could a Pilot hypothetically train their kid/s for the sake of saving some money assuming they also wanted to be pilots when they’re older, or do the CFI ratings go away after a bunch of years or have to be renewed overtime with the FAA? Just a curious question


Any CFI can technically train anybody if they have an airplane to do it in. That being said, most airline pilots do not train their children because even if we keep our CFIs current, the knowledge starts to fade a bit over time. My father was an active airline pilot when I began my training, but he never would have trained me as it had been thirty years since he had flown a small airplane. Airline pilots are rather spoiled when it comes to flying, it can actually be a lot more work to fly little airplanes.

Your CFI licenses need to be renewed every two years if you want to keep them current. There are several different ways to renew them, ranging from refresher courses to online recertification. I use the online method to keep mine current.


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As Chris said if you’re a current CFI you are legal to train anyone (including your children). Now while I am a current CFI honestly I don’t spend nearly enough time near GA aircraft to give my son (or anyone else) the quality of training they deserve. My son wanted to go up so I took him to a friend of mine who flys GA every weekend.

Besides, single engine props are scary! :slight_smile: