Can pilots wear wedding rings?

Just curious about this question. Is it allowed to wear the wedding ring when pilots doing their work? Thx


Yes, I wear mine everyday.



From my airline’s FOM (Flight Ops Manual, aka the Rule Book):

*The wearing of a wristwatch and two bracelets and/or two rings are authorized with the uniform as long as the style is conservative and in good taste. A wedding ring set is considered one ring. Necklaces shall not be worn outside the uniform shirt and must be out of view. Facial jewelry is not allowed at any time. Female flight crewmembers are authorized to wear one earring per ear not to exceed the size of the earlobe. When worn earrings shall be a matched pair and will fit snugly against the ear. For safety reasons dangling or loop earrings are not allowed. The band connecting clip-on earrings may extend slightly below the earlobe. Male flight crewmembers are not authorized to wear any type of earring or facial jewelry while in uniform. *


Thank you Chris! Happy for you.

Hi Adam, thanks for providing so much detailed information about my question. I got it!

Fun Fact: the left throttle has a wear spot on it from the FOs wedding band.