Can you still get all your ratings in 2 years at ATP in a bad weather location?

Hi I’m looking to start a full on rigorous ATP curriculum to get all my ratings in 2 years as ATP advertises. I’ll be at the Portland Oregon (Hillsboro) location. I’m wondering if the fact that oregon is overcast and rainy so many days if this would affect my ability to fly enough that it would take me significantly longer to get all my ratings.

I’m worried there will be weeks at a time where I can’t fly and am just sitting around wasting time due to bad weather.

Any takes on this??

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First, at ATP you get your licenses and ratings in 9 months, not 2 years. The 2 year (approx.) figure is to earn your licenses and ratings AND build the required 1500hrs needed to fly for an airline as a flight instructor.

As for the “bad weather” while some locations obviously have better weather than others, there are no “bad weather” locations. ATP has been training pilots for the airlines for over 30 years at locations all around the country. If students were unable to complete the training within the scheduled time at any particular location they wouldn’t be there or advertise that they could.



Yes, you will probably encounter some weather related delays, but this can happen at any location and there is extra time built into the program to account for such things. I wouldn’t worry about it.