Can you use 529C funds to pay for ATP training

Is the ATP program a certified educational institute and their program eligible to be paid for out of a 529C savings program?


That’s a great question. I don’t believe they are simply because the subject has never come up on the forum and I believe if it was it would’ve. That said I’m not 100% and recommend you call the school directly and ask admin.


Here’s an interesting little blurb on reddit. I wanted to read the referenced WSJ article, but I’d have to subscribe. These posts are a year old, but it’s hopeful as far as it goes. Worth looking into anyway!


I just checked with the Admissions Department, ATP is not eligible for 529 funds.


I should further add that 529 funds can be used, but it would be at a significant penalty. It would be better to save those funds for a college degree or use them for another child in the family. Call the admissions department as they have more info on this.