Canadian Pilot Careers

Hi, I currently live in Canada, as a permanent Resident (UK Citizen). I have recently got my PPL. I have 87 hours at time of writing.
I am interested in a career in flying.

However I am 43 Yrs old. Is it possible to get on with a regional and have a sucessful career flying regional. Or is the salaries a huge factor here. Is it possible to progress at my age from Regionals?

Also If I Use ATP I guess 6mnths in US training then are there any openings/partnerships in Canada for regionals so I could get a job with low hours??? I live in Western Canada.

Would it be more beneficial just to keep with my current school and do a multi engine commercial rating then look at regionals.

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I would suggest that you contact flight schools in the UK or Canada (whichever country you want your career to be in) to discuss your options as flight training requirements vary widely by country.

To work as a pilot in the US you will either need to be a US citizen or US permanent legal resident.


Thanks… I was thinking more of the trainning side of it with ATP then flying in Canada. I have lived here for 8 yrs and no intentions of going back to the UK…

I can not find any schools like ATP in Canada so was wondering if that was an option…ie train with ATP get a job in Canada…


I have dual citizenship, Canada and USA. Was born in Canada, completed university at the University of North Dakota (as well as flight training) and eventually became a permanent resident and later a citizen of the USA. When I went to UND in the early 1990s a student Visa was required. The US as well as many other countries does not allow non permanent residents or non citizens to stay here for and extended period of time. I believe in the USA a Canadian can stay in the US for less than 180 days without formal documentation. In any case, I would agree with Chris. If you want to remain in Canada then complete your training there. The process is very similar as far as training, initial jobs, regionals and major airlines. Obviously there are differences, but many more similarities. As for your age, If you concentrate on training and get it done in a timely manner your career path should be fine. You also need to make sure you can work in Canada as a UK citizen. I have no knowledge of that.


You would really need to check with Canadian airlines and the Canadian version of the FAA as the training and certification requirements are very different.


Thanks guys…

Hello, I’ll do appreciate if you could give me any advice. I moved in Calgary just a month ago but I can’t walk without looking the flying planes in the sky.) I’m also not a young boy already, I’m 35, but I can’t stop thinking about a pilot career. You wrote you’re from Western Canada, could you please write how you have found the flight school? What I need to pay attention to? Thank you in advance!