Career Change at 38

Hello Everyone,

I am considering a career change at the age of 38 and honestly I want to get back to flying. I was a Navy NFO with a lot of flight time, but not any PIC time. Has anyone heard of anyone starting this process at this age? What was your take on it?


If you take a look at this forum you’ll see that a) the age question comes up a lot and b) you’re nowhere near being too old. There are people considerably older than you that have started and been successful. I myself didn’t start till 39 and I’m now at a Major holding a Capt slot.



I don’t think that you are anywhere near too old, but I would encourage you to act quickly as seniority is everything in the airline industry.

Unfortunately, that NFO time will not count towards your 1,500 hours.


Adam and Chris,

Thanks for your the encouragement. I am definitely interested, though I know the NFO time doesn’t apply to the 1500 hours I am hoping it does have some influence regarding leadership farther on in the pipeline.