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Career Change, it takes ALL types!

We get many posts from perspective pilots who are not happy in their current careers. Some however were very happy but needed to retire or change for any number of reasons. Just wanted to show you’ll never know who you’ll share the cockpit with which is one of my favorite parts of the job.

The attached story and video features my good friend, fellow Hawaiian Airlines Capt and Union Officer Rod Buskas. Who’s former career was… well you’ll see. You can also see why he was on our Negotiating Committee. :wink:



So, when it’s time to renegotiate a contract…he takes the lead? :wink:


Yup! :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool! One of my classmates was a fencing medalist from the Athens Olympics. He transitioned to flying for a living as it was a less stressful career


I posted Rod just because I recently came across the video, but during my career I’ve flown with: 2 Olympians (gymnastics and kayaking), Academy Award winning Lighting designer, world renowned ukelele luthier, Playboy centerfold, 2 star AirForce General, the voice of the cartoon “Arthur”, current US Congressman, Miss Hawaii, World Record holding paddler, gold record keyboard player, Winter Olympics mascot, star of “Bikini Barbershop”,…

There may be more but that’s all that comes to mind?



That is an amazing array of talent! Also can serve as a good answer to “What does it take to make my resume stand out to get hired by a major airline?” :joy:

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You are looking sharp in that uniform! I am sure at some point ypu will end up flying me on my EWR-ORF commute.


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I am IAH based, but we do a fair amount of crossover trips to other bases. It would be an honor!

Would you let me take a leg? :wink:


Despite me still thinking you’re a bot, since Chris and I actually met and we haven’t, you’re always welcome to take a leg and teach me a thing or two :grin: