Career Opportunities even not being US citizen 😔

Why airlines in US doesn’t recruit any one from outside the country…?? As an applicant might have had a good experience from any section/ departments in Airline or he might have had taken an education from some of the institutes in US… The application doesn’t go further being the reason either an applicant is not US citizen or doesn’t hold US work permit…?? But beyond these two things why the education or an experience in the field is not been considered…??:pensive:

Hello Pushkraj,

The reason is because US airlines generally don’t recruit. They accept applications from qualified pilots. Beyond that they absolutely consider foreign education and experience (actually I’m not sure why you think they don’t?). There are literally thousands of non-US citizens flying in the US. Most did their training within the US and all have the required US licenses. If you desire to fly for a US airline there is a process that involves a thorough background check. Once approved you can earn your licenses and ratings, build your time and apply for a position.

Btw, Please don’t take this wrong but a MAJOR requirement to fly ANYWHERE in the world is you must be English proficient. If you truly want to be a pilot you really need to work on that as well.



US airlines require people to have legal status to work in the United States. If you are not a citizen or do not hold a work permit then there is no way for them to hire you. US companies typically do not “sponsor” employees to get work permits like companies in some other countries do.