Career Pilot Program


When you are enrolled in the CPP, how flexible/inflexible are your days?

For instance, I have a spouse who works, and 2 kids under 8. If i get a call that I have a sick kid that I need to pick up from school, how easy/difficult/impossible is it to move something that is on the schedule and get that kid if my spouse can not?


The short answer is not very. ATP compresses what usually takes years into just 7mos. That means you need to be available to train. There will also be weeks away from home and obviously they’ll be times when you’re in the air and not contactable at all. Further if you’ve got a checkride scheduled that needs to take priority over virtually everything in your life.

Essentially you need to clear your schedule during the program.


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Of course exceptions cane made for emergencies, but they need to be true emergencies, not Johnny’s baseball game, gymnastics practice, etc. I wold plan on being completely unavailable for seven months, but of course if something absolutely must be dealt with, exceptions can be made.