Career transition to aviation

Hello everyone. This is for anyone whom can help me with my unique situation. I currently work in chemical engineering and make over $90,000 a year. I do not want to necessarily remain in this field of work for my long-term future as a career. Aviation is something that I am very interested in pursuing for many reasons. A major opportunity has come up for me in Midland, Texas. There is an accredited flight school just under nine miles from me that is very flexible with their curriculum. I have no idea where to start. If you have the time and patience to reach out to me, that would be excellent.


Please check out the FAQ section as it has a lot of food information in it.


Thomas, I’m in similar position switching from a good job that I’ve spent time gaining a lot of specialized training; but I’m unfulfilled and dread work some days. It’s a big decision, jumping into the unknown - and the training to become a commercial airline pilot isn’t cheap or easy. Add to that the physical requirement to obtain and keep a Class 1 FAA Physical…which is not something that a lot of people can do.

This forum is a wealth of information for the uninitiated. I find the search feature at the top of the website’s page to be a big help in targeting strings with information you are looking for.

Good luck!