Cargo Job Security

Hello, do cargo pilots have better job security than airline pilots?


Some would argue yes as cargo operations are often less affected by the economy that passenger flights. That in fact is what spurred the creation of Atlas Air.


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Thanks Adam cargo here i come!!!

Of course there have been studies that cargo pilots also die younger sooooo…


Yes i understand that working nights is a killer to your cardiac rhythm, but if you take care of yourself you should be alright.

Not to mention it’ll be the first area of aviation hit by the single pilot movement (should that ever happen).

To be honest i don’t think that’s ever going to happen even if it does not in my lifetime. Also cargos tend to operate heavier and older planes which requires two pilots. Also, it’s more likely to start at regional cargo

Many regional cargo airlines are already single pilot in that they fly small airplanes like the Cessna Caravan. But I do not see the big airplanes changing anytime soon.