Cargo pilot possibility

Hello I am currently looking at a career in aviation as I have always wanted to be a pilot. However, I worry that I will not be able to as I have mild epilepsy. To my knowledge this means that I cannot operate any public transportation vehicle. I would like to know if I could still possibly be able to fly cargo planes instead?


That’s really a decision for the FAA. You either can get a medical certificate or you can’t. Passenger or cargo both require the same medical (there’s no exception just because there’s less people to kill). You’d need to speak with an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner).


Ok thank you Adam

If you get a chance, give AOPA a call. I had some vision issues and they were super helpful.

The answer to this came across my reading last night as I was studying aeromedical stuff. For a first class medical, epilepsy is a disqualifying medical condition. I don’t know however if it’s the same for a place 2nd or 3rd class.

14 CFR 67.109


While we appreciate your help, NO ONE on this site is qualified to give medical advice. Liam needs to consult an AME.



As Adam said, please consult a FAA Medical Examiner. There are many nuisances to the FAA medical regulations, only they can fully answer those questions.