Cessna pilot training center

Are Cessna pilot training centers respected in the eyes of airlines looking to pick up new pilots? How do they differentiate from flight schools which are not designated as Cessna pilot training centers? Pros/cons


I don’t think they are either respected or disrespected, it is simply a name that a flight school pays to use. In fact, I have never even heard of this being an issue in regards to any flight training at all.

I would look for a flight school that has a proven track record of turning out airline pilots. You see, many smaller schools are great at turning out private pilots or even instrument pilots, but really drop the ball when it comes to the more advanced ratings. You need a school that knows that you want to be a professional pilot and can train you to such standards.



Cessna pilot centers simply feature “newer” Cessna aircraft. As Chris said that’s really not something the airlines will be impressed by or not.

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I worked at and did my PPL at a Cessna Pilot Center. They get access to exclusive ground school software thru King (it’s different than the regular King ground schools anyone can purchase) which comes with course tracking software, allowing CFIs to log flights and comments for students to view. They also have a relationship with Textron which gives them access to things like parts discounts. Other than that they are just regular flight schools.