CFI Academy question

I start my instrument training with ATP in a couple weeks in Hillsboro. I was looking at my projected schedule and I will be in the CFI academy during Christmas time. Is the academy intense enough that traveling home for a weekend or two out of the question? I have a wife and three kids to think about so I was wondering if I need to brace them of the idea that they won’t see me for 6 weeks.


I wouldn’t worry about this until you get a better idea of where you’re at in the program. You might be ahead or behind schedule. In that case, it may not be an issue. ATP also closes for Christmas. I would pick up the phone and ask your what if questions to the admissions department. I’m certain that this has happened before and they could tell you how they would handle it.


I’m in the thick of CFI school now, and it is quite a lot of studying outside of class. 8-5 Monday-Friday for the three weeks (two weeks of ground, last week presentations) with just enough time to eat and study before bed and repeating it all again. Hands down the hardest part of the program for me so far. Generally if you live far enough away, they will send you home after your mock oral and eval flight. I’m in KLZU (Atlanta), and people from KMQY (Nashville, an hour and a half flight) are being sent home after about four weeks or so. So anything outside of that radius of the training center probably has a good chance of going home (don’t quote me though haha)

Like Tory said though, they are closed for Christmas, so as long as weather cooperates hopefully you’ll have some time to see them!


Tory nailed it, your schedule is just a projection for now and as the others have said ATP is closed. That said the CFI portion is a bear and any distractions should be kept to a minimum, including family.